Sunday, September 23, 2012

My creative self...

I think that is a huge thing missing in my life right now. When Kris was here, he would tease me when I would create what I felt was a work of art, but he would always encourage it, whether my medium be words in short stories, paper in scrapbooking, or some form of craftyness like a family tree we make together, or some killer decorations for an upcoming holiday we would get excited about, even in my dancing, if was was particularly proud of something I choreographed, he would be behind me encouraging me, pushing me to my limits and beyond through some creative means... And lately that has been lacking.

I decorated early for Halloween knowing I would not have time later and discovered many of my favorite decor was things I made with Kris or my mom... I lost my partners in creativity.

So now that I have realized something that is missing in my life, how do I find time in a busy schedule to recapture that again? Do I set aside non existant time to enter online scrapbook challenges? these give me a deadline, which I find I usually need. Do I do what I am doing now, embrace my random impulses and express it then (Like now through my blogs)? Or do I push through the never ending list of obligations until time allows me to do something?

Well for now I think I am going to do what I have planned, focus on homework and cleaning and other obligations... and if impulse hits and time allows, splurge on my small remaining doses of creativity.