Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Boycotting boycotts...

I am really tired of everyone boycotting everything, Chick-fil-a, Oreo's, Target, JCP, Starbuck's, etc. Someone will always disagree with your opinion, but why boycott? How is that truly going make any positive change? Fight intolerance with intolerance? When did that ever work? The only people it hurts are the individual owners, employees of a franchise, and maybe you because you are missing out on your favourite restaurant, treat, store...

Starbuck's entire reason for being boycotted proves my point exactly! The reason people are boycotting them is because of a story that troops requested they send them some coffee overseas while they are serving, Starbucks refused claiming while they appreciate them serving, they do not support the war. What an perfect example of who boycotting hurts. Because they oppose war they won't sent coffee to our troops, how does that hurt the government who sends the troops into war? It doesn't, they will continue sending troops until they, the government, end the war... not starbucks. But because of this it hurts our troops, the little guy who has given his freedom for ours.

SO Target and JCP support LGBT, and have gay and lesbian models in their ads, so not shopping there is going to stop them from being gay? Of course not, but if enough people stop shopping there it will lead to lay offs of employees both gay and straight.

Chick-fil-a's CEO supports family values between a man and a wife... he has every right to say that, and sure you have every right to not shop there, but really the only ones it hurts are the small franchises if they lose customers, and that is not going make the CEO suddenly support same sex marriage.

ANd if OREO makes a rainbow cookie, and shows love for gay/lesbian rights, why can't you still enjoy the cookie with your family, husband, wife, etc? is it going to turn you gay? OF COURSE NOT.

So there is my opinion on the silly boycotts... I hope I haven't offended any of my friends or family, I love you all and respect your views, as I hope you respect mine... I just had several questions about a FB post recently about what it is regarding and wanted to clarify on my own page, to avoid hurtful things said on my facebook page.