Saturday, September 25, 2010

Night out with girls...

It has been a while since I have gotten my stuff dug out and worked on any kind of scrapbook pages, but tonight my sister got together some old friends, and I dragged a couple of my dance family and we all scrapbooked for a while. While pathetic me only squeaked out a couple page layouts, I was able to catch up with friends and have a yummy dinner. So here are the layouts I got done...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Too busy?

It would appear so seeing my lack of participation in challenges lately, or anything creative for that matter. But here is the real truth... I have NO motivation, yeah I have tons of motivation to get in there and make something creative... but I have other obligations I need to conquer first, such as a clean room and house, so I feel guilty digging into anything else until I get that simple thing done... However out of this comes a pretty good housekeeping tip!

If cleaning for a get together you are planning or just to get caught up, and need a way of keeping that way until the event or you finish EVERYWHERE, this tip is for you. I buy cheap masking tape... cheap because it gets kinda wasted, masking because it won't peel paint. I tape off each room as I finish it. A big x so it is hard to enter, I even tape off bathrooms... and no I don't expect the kiddos to go outside for their business, but that tape not only means keep out, it lets them know I expect it to stay that way. When The kids were younger they were under the illusion that they were sneaking in, and just leaving it clean, now they are older and know if it is taped it better stay exactly as it was when entered. Then when finished or just before company arrives, pull the tape. I like this because not only does it keep it up until you are done, but it marks progress.

Now if I accomplish what I plan on today I will post pics of my finished rooms taped off. And maybe get a little creative project done, but if not I will for sure have a project done in a week's time... waiting on an order for something to finish it!