Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Style?

Several blogs I have read recently have been discussing their scrap booking "style" and that got me to consider mine. What is my style? I like to keep up to date on new trends, and fun accessories, but I try not to let it be at the expense of the photos. At least that was what I thought of my style up until Friday night.

Friday night I had such a fun time. I stayed up ALL night scrapbooking. My dear friend Amber got quite a bit done and then comment how simple her layouts are compared to mine, which where much more elaborate. That is when I learned something about my style.

I began looking through my finished books, one with pictures and one without. I get much more complicated when I design without a picture, and simple when I design without. So I began to ask myself why that might be? I think if I don't have a specific focus, the picture, I continue to add to and embellish what I am working on, trying to fill in that void. This has resulted in my new Scrapbook goal: use the pages I have and fill in with a picture, and try to base my layout on a focus, the picture. After all isn't that the point of Scrapbooking?

That being said, here is the layout I created that night for a scrapbook challenge at Bo Bunny... without pictures. I based my 2 page layout on this sketch...

I loved this sketch, but at first it seemed a little busy and it intimidated me... but then I realized i don't need to copy it exactly. and then one page didn't seem enough. I used the sophie line and a few random embellishments I had picked up and left over from other projects. I have not yet added the pictures (nor do I know which pictures I will be adding) but when I do I will repost this. SO this is for the Layout challenge on Bo Bunny located HERE... check it out!

I really like how this layout turned out, and I think it is a good example of my "style" so I would like to know what your scrapbook style is? (that's you my two followers)

Speaking of following... I like followers, it makes me feel important. I have two scrapbook kit layouts I have made for various activities. If anyone happens upon here and wants to click the little follow button and post a comment, I will send a kit to a couple of random posters! (they are a Halloween Layout and a Winter Layout)

Friday, July 2, 2010

New Month New Giveaway!

So once again I am trying to win the All Scrapbook Steals giveaway... since I have not yet won it I am posting to hopefully win with a second chance for posting this. So go check it out and let me know if you win... I may have to come scrapbook with you.


Also we are suppose to comment about our favorite summer past time may be... it would seem like it should be cleaning since that is what I am always talking myself into doing but I really like to go camping and hiking and swimming, I also love roadtrips, driving to visit family... although lately it seems like it hasn't worked out to do much of that.